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BookOfMatches Review 2023

BookOfMatches Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 500 000
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Absolutely free of charge
  • Works on all devices
  • User-oriented
  • First-class and fully customizable privacy options
  • Excellent messaging system
  • All users obtain a quality score to demonstrate their activity
  • A lot of entertaining features
  • Outdated design
  • Contains ads

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BookOfMatches – What Does the Platform Offer?

Do you want to have an awesome dating experience without paying a dime? Now your wishes come true! This BookOfMatches review will tell everything about one of the most demanded online platforms. Is it really 100% free, or are there any pitfalls? Does it have any scam? What are the distinctive features of the platform?Is it safe for users? What about the navigation? All the answers to these questions and even more you can find in this BookOfMatches review. Read on to learn more!

Being created 18 years ago, BookOfMatches has become one of the leading dating platforms in the industry. The main aim of the website is to bring together adventurous singers and find a perfect match for them. BookOfMatches was one of the first platforms on the market that incorporated video chat systems into their website. However, currently, the platform doesn’t offer this feature.

You can tryBookOfMatches, not only to find your soulmate. It is possible to look for a friend, long-term relations, or hookup. You can even find a person for a one-night stand. Whatever your purpose is, it isn’t allowed to upload nude pictures, so keep it in mind before creating a profile.

BookOfMatches dating means you can look for a person based on your preferences and lifestyle. Moreover, it is possible to search for a partner based on critical social criteria such as materialism, religion, wanting of kids, and many more.

BookOfMatches provides standard features you might expect, nothing unusual or extraordinary. However, since the site is free to use, you may achieve a rather generous set of functions. First off, you can use extended search filters and a rather good messaging system, which includes live chat and instant messenger. Also, the platform tries to imitate social media websites. It is possible to add a user in the Favorite list or even Friends list, which is rather interesting. As a friend, you can watch all the necessary information about the user, including his/her personality test, profile pictures, and blog.

So, is this platform worth your time? You will never know it for sure until you read this BookOfMatches reviewtill the very end. Consider all the upsides and downsides of the platform before creating the account.

Can the Users Rely onBookOfMatches?

BookOfMatches Review

This BookOfMatches review covers the topic of the platform legibility in full. Taking into account that it is a free website, it’s not surprising you are going to look for numerous pitfalls. How do the developers make money on the site? Why does it contain advanced features? Maybe the platform includes a lot of scammers? If at least one of these questions popped up in your mind, read on to have a better insight into the matter.

The site contains ads. It is the only way the developers make money on it, and you can’t remove it. So, BookOfMatches can be really called as a place that gives you just what you see—any bells and whistles or pitfalls.

The platform really cares about the safety of their users and try to avoid any scam. That is why they’ve provided an impressive feature, “Quality Membership Score.” This feature demonstrates how long the member is using the site and how active he/she is. It allows you to detect better whether the scammer writes to you or a real person.

BookOfMatches is entirely legit, and the customer support is always ready to solve any issues. If you feel like a scammer writes to you, just report it to the administration of the platform.

Who are the Members on BookOfMatches?

BookOfMatches Members

There is an array of members registered on BookOfMatches. The majority of users are always active and ready for dating adventures. Since it is a free website, it has attracted numerous from all around the globe.

According to users’ geography, there are more than 500,000 people registered on the platform. Approximately 70,000 users are always, which gives you more chances to find a perfect person for you and have an impressive dating experience. The majority of members are men, about 55%, while 45% are women. As you see, the population of men and womenon the platform is almost equal, meaning there are a lot of chances to find a perfect partner.

Sexual Attraction

BookOfMatches Sexual Attraction

Although you can select the preferable gender you would like to communicate with, BookOfMatches created only for heterosexual people. Those who prefer same-sex relationships will hardly find a perfect partner here. However, taking into account that you don’t lose anything, you can try. You will have a great time, at least.

Average Age

BookOfMatches welcomes people of all ages. Most often, you will meet here young people around 20-35. However, you can come across 45 and even 55+ profiles. As you see, the platform is suitable for everybody who is looking for an extraordinary dating experience.

How to Register?

BookOfMatches Register

The process of registration is straightforward. You will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official page of BookOfMatches and click Register
  • Enter your username. Your username should include only letters or numbers and should be PG-rated. You shouldn’t write your real name.
  • Create a password. Think about a complex password in order not to compromise your page
  • Specify your email address
  • Enter the required numbers for the system detects that you aren’t a bot
  • Click submit

Now you can open up new opportunities for dating and use the platform to the fullest.

Profile Quality

BookOfMatches Profile Quality

Profile quality is a vital aspect in thisBookOfMatches review, so take a closer look at this section to create an amazing profile that everybody will admire.

It is worth mentioning that all the profiles on the platform are well-detailed, so you can easily find someone to your taste while viewing the user’s info.

While setting up your page on the BookOfMatches hookup website, you will need to answer interesting questions. For example: Are you ready to start from scratch? Who are you willing to meet on BookOfMatches? What is your funniest life experience? In total, there are almost 20 questions to be answered. All this info will be displayed on your personal page, so get your imagination wild and be as creative as possible. The more appealing your answers will be, the more potential partners you can attract.

Also, it is necessary to determine such information as your age, location, gender, marital status, occupation, and preferences. This info is vital for high-quality matchmaking results. Besides, you should upload your profile picture and create a gallery with your photos.

How to Contact Users?

BookOfMatches Users

BookOfMatches offers numerous ways to contact users. Here everything is created for users quickly to get in touch with each other via convenient communication means.

  • Blog. It is an excellent feature that will help you express your thoughts and creativity. Be creative as you can and let the other users of BookOfMatches online comment on your blog. While using the Settings on your profile page, you can permit or restrict other users to view your blog. It is a great chance to boost your writing talent and attract hundreds of members.
  • Mail. Although BookOfMatches offers a rather basic email system, you can still check your inbox. All the deleted emails are temporarily saved in a particular folder. It is possible to adjust inbox filters according to your preferences. Also, you can use smiles in your messages to spice up your conversations with some funny elements.
  • Instant messenger. If both users are friends, they can initiate a conversation using instant chat. You can turn on/off the instant messenger at your disposal. It remains the most convenient communication approach available on BookOfMatches.
  • Group chat. It is possible to invite multiple users and organize a first-class group chat. The chat uses flash-based technologies, so remember to activate Flash player in your browser to use this feature to the fullest.
  • Winks/flirts. You can show that you like a particular user while sending a wink. This feature is especially useful for those who are afraid to make the first move. Thus, you can demonstrate your interest and initiate a conversation.
  • Forum is another distinctive feature available for all BookOfMatches users. Here you can discuss different topics. Relationships, sex, dating experience, this is only a glimpse of what you can talk about with the variety of users. By the way, this is a great chance to meet someone special while talking about the things that you have in common.

Is the Platform User-Oriented?

BookOfMatches User-Oriented

Before registering, carefully study all the platform capabilities which are described in this BookOfMatches review in detail. The platform is professionally-designed. However, it has an outdated look and feel. It seems that since 2002 they haven’t upgraded the website. Nevertheless, everything is designed for the user to make the most from the platform. The main aim of a platform is to deliver the top-grade communication experience, and the developers did the job well.

The good thing about the platform is an advanced searching system and the ability to search by your handy location. It means you can either have a virtual date or a real one. Moreover, it continues possible to customize the search and seek for users by new photos, gender, recent logins, keywords in blogs, and even more. It significantly increases your chances of finding a perfect match on BookOfMatches!

PC Version Capabilities

BookOfMatches Capabilities

The platform has a rather good performance. You can’t find here any modern technologies, but everything is organized very simply and intuitively. BookOfMatches can’t boast the fast loading of the pages. However, you will reach every section you want with ease.

The website is quite organized, so seeking a desired feature won’t cause any issues. You can easily browse profiles, view pictures, and use all the communication means. In general, you will be astonished by the excellent tools and intuitive navigation of the site. Being free, BookOfMatches amazed by its features and capabilities.

Version for Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, BookOfMatches doesn’t offer a mobile app. Nevertheless, if you prefer virtual dating on the move, you can access the site via your mobile browser as it is mobile-friendly. However, you may have some trouble with navigation, as you will always need to enlarge the icons to activate the necessary function. Also, it is not very convenient to browse pictures.

To view the entire picture, you should zoom it in and then out to return to the user’s profile. Another downside of using the BookOfMatches mobile version of the platform is that you won’t be able to receive alerts about the latest activity of your profile so that you can miss an important event or interesting message.

Layout and User Interface

BookOfMatches Interface

The design of BookOfMatches is as simple as you can even imagine. The design is a bit old-fashioned with blue and white colors predominated. All the profiles are placed in a grid so that you won’t miss an interesting person. While clicking the profile picture, the user’s personal page will appear. On the top, you will see the menu. You can choose from the following options: send a message, send an interest, send a wink, and crush (which means block the account).

Scroll down, and you can see the user’s profile photo and the gallery. Also, on the right, there is a particular field where you can write a message and send it by clicking the Submit button. Under the profile picture, there is a score of the user that displays his/her recent activity.

All in all, the BOM offers a simple platform that is suitable even for the pickiest user. Even if you’ve just started your dating journey, you will easily cope with all the features of the platform.

Is the Platform Easy to Navigate?

Although the site is easy to navigate, it has some problems with performance. You can easily reach any section, but it will take some time to load the page. Taking into account that the BookOfMatches platform doesn’t require a paid membership, it is a minor inconvenience. Instead, you will get an array of functions to enjoy.

Pricing Policy

It is hard to believe, but BookOfMatches doesn’t claim its users to pay for its services. However, your attention may be distracted by the numerous ads appearing from time to time. It is worth mentioning that ads do not appear; they go through the sidebars, which is not so annoying. No subscriptions, no paid plans are required.

Free Options you Can Enjoy

BookOfMatchesoffers a lot of features you can find on the majority of paid platforms. But there is one aspect, you can take the full advantage of the site without paying a dollar.

  • Create a profile
  • Improve your personal page
  • Upload photos
  • Use the search functions including the advanced one
  • Browse the profiles
  • Examine the users’ galleries
  • Add users of favorites and friends lists
  • Matchmaking algorithm
  • Visit and develop forums
  • Develop your own blog
  • Send winks, interests
  • Exchange mail messages
  • Exchange instant messages

How to Make a Payment?

Unlike paid dating platforms,BookOfMatches doesn’t collect any billing information as it is 100% free of charge. Just sign up and enjoy the fantastic dating journey. There are no hidden fees or specialtools to pay for. If you want to delete your profile, you can easily do it by visiting the Setting section. While BOM is a freebased platform, keep in mind that it is a cookie-driven website and includes hosted ads.

Safety Measures

This section is the most relevant in this BookOfMatches review, considering the fact it is a freebased platform. The website has a high level of security. First off, you can adjust the criteria od users that can get in touch with you. It is possible to sort the users out by gender, age, and location. It is possible to report the pictures that violate the terms and conditions of the platform, namely, nude and too explicit. Also, you can report the members with rude and abusive behavior.

Another excellent safety feature BookOfMatches provides is the ability to block members that you find annoying or offensive. If you feel free that there are enough messages, for now, you can turn an instant messenger.

Compared to a paid website, the users won’t see that you’ve examined their profiles. Stay incognito whenever you want. Also, it is possible to activate notifications in order not to miss any event. Besides, you can place the users into a blacklist and keep them there unless you want to initiate a conversation.

Are there any Scammers?

BookOfMatches boasts that they guarantee the high grade of security for their members. They reject more than 75% of the participants who registered because they simply are not suitable for complying with the rules or do not respect other website participants.Any human trafficking or prostitution is not acceptable, as well. Married people should avoid visiting BookOfMatches. If you cannot register, please be aware that the info you entered does not fulfill the criteria of the platform. BookOfMatches is not the place where something happens, and accounts are constantly closed and reported to the authorities. You can always get in touch with the website moderators if a particular profile seems suspicious to prevent a scam.

Distinctive Features

In addition to a variety of free features, you can meet on any website, BookOfMatches can boast a couple of expensive ones.

  • Quality Member. Depending on your activity on the platform, you, as a site member, will achieve special scores. The more scores you get, the more reliable your account will look like. Moreover, there are great chances your profile will appear at the top of the search list. If you are a quality member, you can develop forums and leave comments. To increase the number of scores, you should comment posts, upload photos, and respond to the messages you receive.
  • 60+ Adobe Flash games. To make things even more interesting and entertain yourself, you can choose between 60 exciting games. Although they are rather simple, they are so engaging!

Bottom Line

Although BookOfMatches isn’t so speedy, stylish, and diverse compared to its paid rivals, it is still full-featured, easy to operate, user-friendly, and dynamic dating platform. There is no reason to avoid creating an account on this website. Apart from achieving a unique and exciting dating experience, you may catch the opportunity to meet your soulmate. Just spend several minutes to get your profile ready and start browsing numerous profiles. At least you don’t lose anything but achieve an incomparable dating experience and boost your social life. And all of these are absolutely free of charge and only on BookOfMatches.

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