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Fuck Marry Kill Review 2023

Fuck Marry Kill Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 300 000
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 8.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The fast and straightforward process of registration and setting up the profile
  • Stylish and nice-looking design
  • Intuitive interface and easy navigation
  • Funny entertainment that can spice up your social life
  • Responsive and friendly members
  • A free basic set of features
  • Innovative matchmaking system
  • Affordable paid features
  • No desktop version
  • The user can’t join the app without having Facebook or Instagram account
  • The administrators can reject the You Fuck Marry Killprofile if your social media account is poorly detailed
  • Lacks a search option, so you can only count on the matchmaking algorithm
  • It feels like a game rather than a serious dating application
  • Limited payment options
  • Android only
  • Requires an in-app purchase to increase the chances to find a perfect partner

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What makes Fuck Marry Kill stand out?

This Fuck Marry Kill review is devoted to a dating app that is ridiculously popular among both men and women. Here you should answer the questions like: Who would you introduce to your parents? Who is a potential one-night stand, and who is not at all? This game is a mixture of the Tinder-like algorithm and the game “Would you rather?” Would you like to know more about this app to boost your dating experience? Then this Fuck Marry Kill review is definitely for you.

The system chooses three users and classifies them in one of the three categories “one-night stand, getting married or killing.” You shouldn’t take the category “killing” too literally, because the inventors emphasize the entertaining factor of the game.

The Fuck Marry Kill developers say: “If you are on the lookout for another tedious dating platform, you should rather opt for Tinder, Grindr, and Co.,” they write on their homepage. They see the Fuck Marry Killapp less like a dating portal than as a game that is supposed to be fun and where you also meet friendly people.

The principle of the app is similar to that of Tinder. If you like a profile there, swipe it to the right to mark it with a “Like.” If you also like the other person, you have a “match,” and then you can write private messages. In Fuck Marry Kill, the system displays three strangers at the same time, and the user has to decide who of the three he “kills” with whom he would have sex and who he wants to marry.

Is it Possible to Rely onFuck Marry KillServices?

Fuck Marry Kill Review

The Fuck Marry Kill app is officially distributed for Android users. Being created as a game rather than a dating platform, there are a few chances people use it for a scam. Due to the strict process of verification, the moderators sort the faked account out for the users to enjoy the game with real people.

Since Fuck Marry Kill links with a Facebook or Instagram account, it is rather easy to understand whether the user has serious intentions or account is created as a fake. The moderators reject those social media profiles that are poorly detailed. The developers do their best to keep the users protected.

Essential Info About Members

Fuck Marry Kill Members

Being a rather popular and reputable app, Fuck Marry Killhas attracted a lot of users. According to members’ geography, there are more than 300,000 people from the USA downloaded the app. Approximately 60,000 members are active weekly, which gives you more prospects to find a perfect match and experience exciting pleasure.

The majority of members are men, about 54%, while 46% are women. As you see, the population of males and females within the app is almost equal.

Sexual Preferences

Fuck Marry Kill Sexual Preferences

If you are a playful romantic individual, Fuck Marry Kill will be the best fit for you. However, you should understand that the app doesn’t include the option to make a match with a homosexual or lesbian. All you may do here is to opt for a preferred gender.

How old are the users?

The Fuck Marry Kill application is mainly focused on young adults who want to jazz up their social life and find a perfect match funnily and interestingly. So, while downloading Fuck Marry Kill, be ready to meet young people from 18 till 35. The important thing is that you can’t join the platform if you are an underage person.

How to Sign up?

The relevant part of the Fuck Marry Kill review is to outline the process of registration and information the user should provide. To download the app and create a profile is extremely easy and hassle-free. All you need is to connect your active Facebook or Instagram account with the application. Moreover, there is no need to fill in the profile. As the system links your profile with a social media site, it will automatically copy all the necessary details for a game.

To facilitate the signup process, the app doesn’t require to provide and confirm the email address of the user. Also, there is no need to upload a profile picture as the system will duplicate it from your social network account.

It may take approximately half an hour till your account will get approved, but once you are there, be ready for the impressive and unforgettable dating experience.

How to Play a Game

Fuck Marry Kill Play a Game

The majority of dating websites require a well-structured and detailed profile to attract more users and quickly find a potential match. However, it doesn’t work for the Fuck Marry Kill dating. There is no need to write wordy descriptions, specify your preferences and expectations. However, you may provide some brief info about yourself and specify your university or college. In general, the interface of the profile is well-organized.

As practice shows, the majority of users focus only on the profile pictures of other members to decide whether they want to date with them. Also, you can identify other users by their names and age. So, players make their choice by themselves, and, as usual, their decision is subjective. This spice up the dating experience since it is always good to know the person with different preferences and interests. Fuck Marry Kill really stands out against the rivals due to unique and interesting approaches that can you can hardly find on other platforms or dating applications.

This Fuck Marry Kill review would be incomplete if not to mention about the game rules. As soon as you set up your profile, feel free to dive into the world of dating. When the game starts, there three images of three random members will be displayed. Your task is to select the picture you find the most appealing, the one which you think is the most enticing and the profile you’d rather forget.

If you are looking for someone special, you can adjust the particular filters. Apart from the preferable gender, you can apply such filters as age, proximity, and others. Keep in mind that the user will be notified of your choice only if your picks match (excluding “kill”). It means that you can evaluate users honestly and instinctively, without fear of offending someone else’s feelings.

If you and the other user have a match, the system will allow you to connect, and you can write a text to the user to continue the communication. It is only up to you whether you want to keep a conversation or not. You may organize a meeting with the other member, try to build an online relationship, or just to flirt and have fun together. Thesefeatures are available to all members, but you can explore the full potential of Fuck Marry Kill by making an in-app purchase.

Messaging Approaches

Fuck Marry Kill Messaging Approaches

This Fuck Marry Kill review covers everything about the messaging system of the app in detail. To connect with users is as easy as ABC. You can use many options, especially if you are a paid member. Paid users have a lot of advantages to connect the other users, so if you want to spice up your communication, it is better to make an in-app purchase.

If you decided to remain a non-paid user, you could still send messages for free, but if you have a match in a game. Also, it is possible to wink a particular user if you want to attract the attention of the user or aren’t ready to make the first move. It is worth noting that once you get matched, you can receive and send an unlimited number of messages, which is a rather cool and generous feature. Also, the messaging system reminds an instant messenger like on many social media websites.

So, to initiate a conversation, you will need:

  • Check out your status
  • Get matched with your potential partner
  • Check all possible matches
  • Start chatting

What are the Platform Capabilities?

Fuck Marry Kill Platform Capabilities

Platform capabilities are a vital aspect to cover in this Fuck Marry Kill review. As it was mentioned above, the FMK app is developed only for Android users. Those who are using iOS and Windows Mobile can’t enjoy the possibilities of this platform. Also, there is no version for desktop, which is the strongest shortcoming of Fuck Marry Kill.

If you are an Android user ready to experience funny dating and spice up your social life, hurry up to visit Google Play and download the application absolutely for free. After you have tired your FBor Insta account to theFuck Marry Kill application, you are free to use all its features.

The platform capabilities are rather impressive. The Fuck Marry Kill application is rather speedy and stress-free to navigate. There are no lags, freezes, and crashes so that nothing will distract you from the exciting game. The developers did their best to deliver first-class dating experience.

Version for Computers

Fuck Marry Kill doesn’t offer a desktop version. Only Android users can download applications on their platforms.

Version for Smartphones

Being rather user-oriented and well-thought-out, the Fuck Marry Kill impresses its users by appealing layout and simplicity to navigate. Although it may seem a bit cluttered, you will easily cope with all its features. To start playing a game, you will need to do just several taps. The app has a four stars rating in the Google play and a lot of positive reviews from the users. Also, the app suits any screen of the platform and works great on any versions of Android.

Website Layout and Usability

Fuck Marry Kill Layout and Usability

The Fuck Marry Kill application just amazes its users by pleasant-looking and attention-grabbing design. Being designed mainly for young people, it has a rather modern, stylish design. Everything is easy to understand, so you won’t have any issues to figure out how to use it. Pink, purple, and navy blue colors are not annoying, so you can use this app as long as you want.

How to Navigate a Platform?

Fuck Marry Kill navigation is simple and straightforward. Everything is fast and intuitive. Just download the application and see everything yourself.

To reach your perfect match, you will need to do three tabs. The first one is fuck, the second is marry, and the third tab is kill. And you are there! Awesome emotions are guaranteed.

Fuck Marry Kill Pricing Policy

Fuck Marry Kill Pricing Policy

The pricing policy is the essential aspect to outline in theFuck Marry Kill review.

Winks are the most popular feature on FMK, so it’s not surprising that it is paid even if you’ve already purchased a paid subscription. Also, it is possible to buy Winks separately while remaining to be a free user.

Fuck Marry Kill uses its own currency, called credits. So, to buy 30 Credits and pay for the winks, you will need to pay 0.29 EUR per credit, which is 8.50 EUR in total. If you feel that 20 Credits will be enough for you, you will need to pay 0.33 EUR per credit, which is 6.50 EUR in total. In case you want to try this feature and see whether it works for you, you can purchase 10 Credits for 3.50 EUR, which is 0.35 EUR per one credit.

Another paid feature is a VIP membership, which will allow exploring the full potential of the product. You can opt for a one-weak subscription, which is rather expensive and costs almost 5 EUR per 7 days. A one-month subscription is more advantageous. It will cost you 2.50 EUR per 30 days. the most beneficial is a 3-months plan only for 2 EUR, which is 0.67 EUR per month.

Features for Paid and Non-Paid Users

There are different features available for paid and free users while using Fuck Marry Kill. Carefully study them and compare them to choose the most suitable plan for you.

Free access:

  • Set up a profile
  • Send/receive messages
  • Play the game
  • Invite friends to try the application

Paid access:

  • View the users who have voted for your account
  • Send a wink
  • Improve your Fuck Marry Killprofile
  • The ability to vote for other users

How to PayFor the Services

You can pay for the Fuck Marry Killservices using your mobile device. Just follow the instructions in the application, and you will easily provide the payment. The application doesn’t tell your payment information to any other parties or services.

Payment Systems

Fuck Marry Kill provides only one payment method. You can purchase all the paid functions only by using your mobile telephone account. No credit/debit cards are accepted. Also, you can’t pay via PayPal.

Safety Measures

The Fuck Marry Kill mobile app cares about the users’ security. Even if you sign in via any third-party application, FMK won’t post anything on your social media profiles without your permission. Although it links with your Facebook or Instagram account, the app will never distribute the information from your personal pages to any third party. Moreover, it is an effective way of protecting your profile’s eligibility.

Follow these tips to keep your profile and data secure:

  • Keep your financial info private, and don’t tell it to any third parties. If you have any requests to send money, immediately inform the Fuck Marry Kill administration.
  • Be careful about sharing your personal info. Think twice before sharing personal information, such as your real name, telephone number, email address, and permanent address. Keep your identity protected until you are comfortable enough to tell it to your partner. Besides, don’t leave any personal or contact info in your Fuck Marry Kill profile.
  • Report about any suspicious users to the administration. Whether somebody asks you to send money or sends offensive texts, feel free to give the contact of this user to the FMK administration.

Does It Include Any Scam?

If you want to enjoy playing a Fuck Marry Kill hookup game, you should select between your Facebook and Instagram to sign up. It is necessary to verify your account and prove that you are a real person. Currently, it is challenging to decide whether the account is fake or not. Fuck Marry Kill carefully studies each profile before approving it. If the moderator suspects any fraud, the application will be instantly rejected or terminated to avoid scam. Keep in mind that when you access third-party services via the unknown links sent by suspicious users, you do so at your own risk, and the developers of the app aren’t responsible for further actions.

Features You Won’t Find Anywhere

All Fuck Marry Kill special features are available for paid users.

  • View those users who voted for you on Fuck Marry Kill. In case you didn’t match each other, you can still write a message.
  • Wink a profile. If you send a wing to a member, you will automatically appear in his/her list of matches. It is like making the first move, and who knows what kind of story that would turn into.
  • Upgrade your Fuck Marry Killprofile. While improving your account, you can get more votes and be on the top of the search list. Your profile will be more attention-grabbing, which gives you more chances to flirt.
  • PPP-ower Vote. If you can’t decide whom do you want to fuck, marry, or kill, you can use this feature to give the same vote for all the three random users. Thus, you can avoid “killing” the users but have more chances to find a perfect match.

Final Word

Fuck Marry Kill is a great game for those who want to entertain themselves and find new interesting people. Here you can rely on the user’s photo and decide what you want to do with this person. Of course, it is not a deep judgment about the person, but this app is not designed for building a strong relationship. Fuck Marry Killbreaks stereotypes when it comes to online dating. While being an excellent way to have a perfect hookup or casual encounter experience, the app will definitely jazz up your social life.

Fuck Marry Kill is designed for young people of about 20 years old. These people are usually looking for the fund and an exciting way to spend time. If you have serious intentions to find your soulmate, this app is not for you. But if you want to kill time, flirt, and have some fun, hurry up to download the Fuck Marry Kill online application, and good luck in your dating adventure!

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